Bonanza of Bears

Sorry for the lag time between posts, but we’ve been off the grid more than on it this summer. And my other excuse is that it takes a long time to wade through the gigantic pile of photos that I took in the four and a half days we spent at McNeil. Yes, I’m still posting McNeil photos… and there will be one final post after this one, to wrap up that special trip.

Despite their considerable size, brown bears are remarkably agile, lightning fast to react, and amazingly quiet as they move around. They can hit speeds of up to 30 mph for short distances, and they’re good swimmers. They’re smart, observant and expressive – and that’s what compels some people to spend hours or days watching them, and to enjoy just spending time in their company. I never get tired of watching bears.

Today, I’m just going to blast you with bears – fishing bears, growling bears, wet bears, close bears, cubs and cuteness. It’s a love-fest with large brown furry creatures. Enjoy.

Bear paw vs. human’s size 8 boot

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