Happy Birthday Jim!

Today is Jim’s birthday, and since it’s my Blog and I’m his biggest fan I’m going to jump up and down and shout about it!  The man is amazing – and he’s proof that doing things that make you happy is good for the body and the soul.

We recently took a little trip “off the rock”, and for part of the trip we headed to Salt Lake City for a little skiing and snowshoeing.  Yes, we had to go south to go where there’s a lot of snow.  We could also go north, but it’s a LOT colder up there.  We went to graduate school in Salt Lake, we still know a few people there, and we really love the dry “champagne” powdery snow that Salt Lake is so well known for.  20160207 0040 salt lake brighton jim 4 r(Note that Jim’s entire outfit matches – even his skis and poles match his jacket and hat.  Absolutely none of my ski stuff matches, unless “random” is a color scheme.)  Despite our sea level conditioning and years since we last skied, we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly we got back into the feel of it.  We took it easy, but it was wonderful getting back on familiar territory at Brighton – our favorite ski area, frequented by a lot of Salt Lake locals.20160207 0051 salt lake brighton rCold teeth were our biggest problem – they get cold because it’s hard to stop smiling while we’re zooming down the slopes.20160207 0043 salt lake brighton jim zooming rWatching skiers and snowboarders jumping and sliding on rails in the terrain park was impressive – we’ll stick with keeping our skis on the snow.  The classes were also fun to watch as we were reminded of when we first learned, and the children’s classes are the best – so cute with giant helmeted heads on little bodies.  Mostly they zoom effortlessly down the slopes, but sometimes they just need a little rest under the lift.20160207 0049 salt lake brighton kids class rTo give our aching muscles a little break we also ventured out on snowshoes, enjoying the quiet of the forest…

…and the sparkle of the snow in the alpine meadows.We headed up Mill Creek Canyon, a favorite place to hike in the summer, and so different, beautiful, and peaceful covered in deep snow…

It was a great way to celebrate Jim’s birthday (a week early), and I’m so thankful for this marvelous man.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jim!

  1. Happy belated birthday, Jim! It looks like it was a great trip, and I’m impressed that you two are able to pick it back up so readily! We hope this is the beginning of another wonderful year as an Alaskan!
    We’ve been traveling through the SW U.S. in our truck and trailer for a couple months, mostly without wifi, so have lots of catching up to do in reading your blog. Take care, and we hope summer 2016 might possibly be a time to reconnect with you on the water! Hugs to you both, Cathryn and Bob

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