Happy Easter

20150405 4612 easter eggs rIt’s a glorious day here in Petersburg – Spring is in the air.  We have blue skies, a few puffy clouds, light breezes, and the temperature is in the mid-high 50s.  It was a nice morning for Easter services at Sandy Beach Park where all the different churches in town joined together for the sunrise service, which is a very nice tradition.  We went to a pot luck breakfast this morning…20150405 4611 easter flowers r…and then watched the children hunt for Easter eggs.  The little ones were the most fun to watch, and my favorite was the little guy with a tie (3 years old – he told us) who got tired of collecting eggs and just wanted to be pushed on the swing.20150405 4621 easter egg hunters rAlthough the photo is a little fuzzy, I wanted to show this little guy hunting for eggs, wearing his XtraTuf boots.20150405 4619 little alaskan easter egg hunter 2 rAll in all, I’d say it was a successful hunt!  I can just imagine that a lot of the town’s children are enjoying post-sugar naps this afternoon.20150405 4622 easter egg hunt aftermath rThe other bit of news in town is the annual Humane Society fundraiser that runs for the entire month of April.  The Humane Society has 3 “flocks” of 10 plastic pink flamingos in each flock, and for $10 you can have someone’s yard “flocked”.  The flock-ee has to make a $10 donation to have the flock removed, and you can buy anti-flock insurance for a $15 donation.  We spied the first flock this morning, artfully arranged.  What a fantastic idea – now I need to think of who we should “flock”… 20150405 4624 flock r

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Love the tulip center piece & great fund raising idea with the flamingos! Sounds like Spring is in the air!

  2. What a thrill to have Spring arrive in AK after the long, dark, wet days of winter. Now we’ll start seeing more blue skies in your photos! So sorry we missed seeing you recently. Xoxo

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