Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Be patient. Keep washing your hands. Stay home. This isn’t over yet. It’s devastating for so many with life and financial issues, but it’s better than dying, and better than killing other people by being selfish or careless. Covid-19 is complex and insidious and much is still not known about it. While some people can have it and be asymptomatic, others may experience it as a nasty flu – but it can and does kill indiscriminately. Anyone can die from this.

Saturday, my 55 year old cousin Ed passed away from Covid-19. He was a strong, healthy guy with no underlying conditions, but it took this sweet man away from us in three short weeks. The story in his local paper talks about him and this awful virus. His wife and two sons tested positive, but so far they are okay… Just utterly heartbroken.

Science is what will get us through this. Facts, not conspiracy theories and politics. This is a time to think about others, not just ourselves. Selfish behavior will only help to spread this monster, and will enable it to continue it’s killing spree.

Please, no comments or opinions. Just stay home. Wear a mask when in public – because the health (LIFE!) of everyone is worth far more than the inconvenience of wearing a small cloth on your face. Wash your hands. And pray for all those impacted by this virus.

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