Scenery Changes – A Road Trip

While it’s too windy and cold for boating in southeast Alaska, we’re going to explore some of the western states with the new-to-us 5th wheel RV.  We’re used to moving around and exploring most of the time – we can’t sit still for too long.

Heading south we had to negotiate some snowy mountain passes on I-5 at the bottom of Oregon, and finally found warmer and drier weather in California.  The Sacramento/Davis area was home base for a few days to meet up with old friends from the computer security community and to meet their adorable children – they didn’t have any mini-me people when we last saw them… it has been too long.

We spent a great day hiking in Muir Woods National Monument just northwest of San Francisco… hanging out with the big redwoods.There’s just something soothing and healing about a walk in the woods, though we’re used to more solitude in Alaska.  The crowd was surprising to us for a weekday but it’s good to see so many people outside, beyond the reach of cell towers.  We found some side trails that were more isolated, to listen to the birds and the rustling of the wind in the trees.Winter hasn’t given up its grip just yet, but a few tiny flowers were hinting at the changing season.I first visited these woods over 30 years ago, and was excited to return.  Despite more paved paths and more people, the trees did not disappoint.

We continued on down the road through central California – an agricultural bonanza with blossoming fruit and nut trees for countless miles.  We stopped in a campground in the midst of an orange grove, and we could pick a bag of sweet navel oranges – what a treat!  But there’s no time to dawdle – we’re heading into the desert.  First stop: Death Valley National Park.

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  1. I hear the Anza-Borrego desert in CA is days away from a “super bloom” due to all the rain California has experienced this year – hope Death Valley offers the same bonanza!

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