Back to Glacier Bay

It’s our 13th trip into Glacier Bay National Park… It’s addictive.

We love the forest…

New growth on spruce trees

…the ponds with buckbean and birds and water lilies…

…and the lupine in bloom.

The music of the bay includes the groaning and barking of Steller’s sea lions (big, loud sausages on the rocks, sleek rockets in the water)…

…and the songs of the whales (having a hydrophone helps).

Two humpbacks, one diving

Gulls and kittiwakes nest on the cliffs…

…as do the puffins! They make a burrow in rock crevices to incubate their eggs, returning to the sea for the rest of the year once their chicks have fledged.

Tufted puffin outside burrow

Pelagic cormorants also like the rocky cliffs, often found near the puffin burrows as well as where we see mountain goats.

Pelagic cormorants

Speaking of mountain goats – we found a few… some relaxing, and a nanny with a kid, demonstrating their climbing prowess.

Mountain goats
“Are you keeping up okay, little one?”

There’s more to show you… Glacier Bay has so much to see, so stay tuned.

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