Natural Beauty – From Yosemite back to Alaska

We are people who must meander, never content to sit still for too long. There are too many places to see and things to explore. Once again, I’m trying to catch up – this time from the end of March, when we wrapped up a road trip with a stop in Yosemite National Park, to our return home to Petersburg – shifting from the roads to the waterways.

But first – Yosemite. Wow.

Yosemite Valley

The National Park Service advertising tag says “Find Your Park” – and the problem is that we keep finding Parks and falling in love with them, and it’s impossible to choose just one. Thankfully we don’t have to. Unfortunately we hit Yosemite on a weekend, so it was crowded, and our campground was a long drive from the valley. We enjoyed seeing the iconic views, but we also wanted to get off the beaten path a little, and snow shoes in the higher elevations turned out to be a perfect way to find solitude.

We only made a short visit to this famous national park this trip, but we hope to return and explore it more deeply another time.

Giant Sequoias

And now for something completely different… back home in Petersburg, with orcas cruising by…

…and a trip with friends to see the nearby LeConte Glacier. In mid-May, there’s often a lot of calving, and the inlet can be so choked with brash ice that it’s impassable. There was a good chance we might not be able to see the glacier’s face, but we were on an aluminum jet-powered boat that could safely navigate a lot more ice than ADVENTURES can!

LeConte Glacier

I wasn’t optimistic, but after a patiently wiggling among the bergy bits, growlers and brash ice, we did get to see the face!

Awesome. And to top it off, we also had great weather for the annual Little Norway Festival in town.

A big Viking and his two tiny Vikings

It is mid-May and way past time to cast off the lines and get out on the water… so stay tuned.

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