Pretend It’s Still Summer

We’re in that ugly phase of Winter, when the landscape is just rather dreary and we’re waiting not-so-patiently for Spring. There just hasn’t been that much to photograph – the trails are soggy and boggy, wooden boardwalks are wet and slippery, and we either want the kind of snow we can go play in, or we want flowers to burst forth. I got so far behind on editing photos from the Summer, that I’ve decided to relive a bit of it and share some scenes from August.

Ice from the Sawyer Glaciers at the head of Tracy Arm tends to be intensely blue… sometimes it’s the only real color on a monochrome, overcast day. The tide moves these big icebergs around, and if they’re lucky they will escape through the narrow cut between the shallow bars are the entrance to the Arm and float around in the passages, like this one.

We had to hide in an anchorage for a week while nasty storms blew, waiting for a break so we could head up to Pack Creek to see bears. Yes, more bears. There will never be enough bears for me. Good thing Jim enjoys them too!

Nap interrupted

The fishing was slowing down as the season progressed, but a few bears were still out in the creek as the incoming tide brought more fish up the creek.

Standing gives a better angle of view, helping to spot those tasty salmon!

This pair of second year cubs decided it was easier to try and steal someone else’s fish than chase after their own. At this point in their lives they should be less dependent, but these two were quite the opportunists.

Although the fishing action was pretty far from us, the deer strolling by were almost close enough to touch.

Fawn, still with spots

Anywhere there are fish (pretty much everywhere!) there will be eagles, like this young one…

…and this kingfisher that hung out on the bow rails of the boat for a while. I love their beautiful coloring and expressive, spiky head feathers.

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