No Fooling!

The only prank we’ve experienced today is from the weather. Seriously. We’re used to changing conditions up here, but today has had the wackiest weather ever. We’ve had snow, falling slush, rain, brilliant sunshine (that never lasted for more than 10 minutes), then a blizzard, then melting like crazy, then another blizzard, then rain, now bright sun trying to burn through thin clouds. Welcome to April – let’s hope it’s an improvement on March, when we had measurable precipitation (primarily snow) Every. Single. Day. And all this snow isn’t even the nice kind that we can go play in. It’s just the wet, sloppy slushy mess that slumps right off the trees. Where is Spring???

The good news is that we’re gaining daylight at a rate of 5 minutes per day, and we’re up to 13 hours of daylight today. The poor flowers are so confused with all that daylight and too much snow and slush.

I haven’t been blogging because there hasn’t been much to go out and photograph in the rain and wet snow. I do have some beautiful frost crystals that I photographed on one day in late January or early February – that’s how long it has been since we’ve had a decent day of weather. Most of the hoar frost was gone, but I found these feathery crystals in one little spot. I photographed one with my ring so you can gauge the size. All were shot with a macro lens so you can see the structure of the feathery crystals. Enjoy.

We’re hoping for some clear skies soon… it has been a while since we’ve seen the moon and the stars. Here’s the last moon-set I saw back in late January.

Please… we need Spring! No fooling.

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