Escape from Sitka?

Things are looking up – as I type this the guys are installing the new tilt/trim mechanism on the Honda outboard… in the pouring rain. I don’t mean plain old rain… no, it’s the Biblical kind. Jim rigged a tarp when it first started to sprinkle.

The repair guy had to go get his full foul weather gear to keep working, but… it’s looking good for us to finally leave today. (Fingers crossed.)

I’ll wrap up with a few more scenes around Sitka, including the 300′ of new anchor chain that we two hauled waaaaay down the dock to the boat (it weighs about 450 lbs.)…

…and that’s on top of the 300 lbs. of rock salt that Jim brought down the dock. (We use the rock salt in our waste processing system.)

Ravens and sometimes bald eagles like to perch on the light posts over the walkway by the harbor. I’m always nervous walking underneath birds that can make big poop! These ravens were snuggling and appeared to be kissing – so sweet.

We’ve walked downtown almost every day – it’s good exercise and nice to get errands done – there are no stores where we’ll be for the next month. Sitka is a pretty town, but we spent more of this visit on things we needed to do rather than on playing tourist… but we still had a great time.

If all goes well today we’ll top up the fuel tanks and head back out to the wild places. You won’t hear from us for a few weeks, but we should have lots to share when we can get some Internet again.

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