Finally Cruising!

Exhausted from partying with the Vikings, we finally cast off the lines to start cruising for the summer. The Steller sea lions on the mid-channel buoy moaned and groaned as we left the Narrows… with the beautiful Devil’s Thumb peak in the background.

We tucked into a quiet anchorage for the night – there’s something magical about being at anchor. It makes you feel like you’re on your own tiny island. “Sunset” (in quotes because we don’t see the sun actually set around here unless we’re out on the ocean) comes early since we’re surrounded by very tall mountains… but still, the days are wonderfully long. As we depart the next morning we got a nice look at a whale backbone and some ribs on the beach.

We decided to stop in a Warm Springs Bay on the east side of Baranof Island. There’s a handful of houses there, a roaring waterfall, and a natural hot spring.

You can hike up to the natural hot spring, or you can soak in one of three tubs in a little bath house built on the boardwalk, with the sulpher-y smelling water piped in. I like the bath house, with a glorious view of the falls.

We hiked up to the lake with its lovely views, and the following morning I got a chance to play with my newest toy – a Mavic Air drone. I’m still a rookie pilot and I have a lot to learn about editing video, but I put together a short clip showing the waterfall and the stream from the lake that feeds it. The morning reflection on the lake was gorgeous.

On our way northwards, we spotted a furry sea otter hanging out…

…and we witnessed some Sitka spruce ejecting massive clouds of pollen into the air!

Takatz Bay is a favorite spot to pause… waterfalls and tall mountains.

We spotted some whales bubble net feeding near Tenakee Inlet – we kept our distance so as not to disturb them, but they sure are fun to watch!

We continued on up to Pavlov Harbor, and spotted a few brown bears wandering the beach, munching on grass. The salmon won’t be in the streams for another 6 weeks or more, and the berries aren’t out yet either.

This is just the start of our cruising season. We’re so blessed to be able to see so many things – we never stop appreciating it all. Stay tuned.

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  1. Love reading your blogs, brings back so many fond memories, love the drone! We’re in Baltimore now, beautiful inner harbor, going to Fort McHenry tmw. & aquarium Sun.

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