Time to Prepare

Summer is over… the fishing fleet is back…

and we need to get the boat ready for winter before the weather changes.  The dinghy needed some TLC and it was safer for me to work on it by putting it on the tidal grid instead of suspending it with our davit and laying underneath it.  A tidal grid is a structure that supports a boat when the tide goes out.  It’s used to make quick repairs or do maintenance below the boat’s waterline, but you have less than 12 hours to do it!  Just float your boat onto the grid when the tide is high, tie it and tend the lines as the tide ebbs, and get out there and work as soon as the ground under the grid is bare.  I got a LOT of laughs for putting such a tiny boat on the grid – but it made my job safer and easier.

With winter prep completed and daylight shrinking by 5 minutes a day (!)……it was a perfect time to take a trip for a different kind of adventure.We flew “down south” (which refers to anywhere in the Lower 48), and I immediately took advantage of abundant stores to check out two yarn shops. We picked up our RV, took it on the ferry……and… I’ll tell you more in the next post.

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