B is for Bears

Bears – I can’t get enough of them, so we headed back up to Pack Creek on Admiralty Island to hang out with them (as well as the rangers – they are the most marvelous people).  The drought has not helped the salmon streams, the salmon numbers are low, and they are late!  But at least the fish are starting to arrive, stirring up the water at the mouth of the creek in a frenzied bio-mass.  The bears give chase……and they wait patiently for the incoming tide to bring a fresh load of fish into the shallows.Sometimes it’s too tiring to wait for fish, and it’s better to find a higher spot and take a little nap.That is, until your cub comes along to snuggle……or to be a little brat and play-fight!Who, me?The bears seem to get along when everyone is hungry and there are fish in the stream……and the ravens and eagles stick close to the action to get whatever is left over.  I thought it was so odd to see this eagle walking through the grass along the stream – a sneaky eagle?All the things we get to see are beautiful, but I think bears are the best.

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