One More Minute

…of daylight today.  The Winter Solstice was two days ago, so the days are getting longer once again!  Today we’ll have one more minute of daylight than we had yesterday – which doesn’t seem like much, but the pace will pick up, adding 5-6 minutes a day of daylight by springtime.  That’s enough to be very noticeable over a week’s time.

Today the sun rose around 8:29, and it will set at 3:14 this afternoon.  20141217 3956 petersburg christmas tree rPeople tend to keep their Christmas lights up well into January – it helps to keep the “dark months” a little brighter.

Jim and I want to wish you and your families a Joyous Holiday Season, and we send warm wishes from Petersburg, Alaska!

While we’ve been busy traveling, then catching up from being away, and now dealing with the hustle and bustle of Christmas in “Little Norway” (more Julebukking today – where everyone eats their way around town), I haven’t forgotten about this Blog.  I’m still digging out from under all the photos I shot on our fall trip to the Alaskan Interior, as well as the later fall trip back east.  I promise to get the Blog caught up in the next week or two – so don’t be too confused by reading about September things in December (and January).

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