The Vikings are Here!

It has been pretty busy around here, but stay tuned for a lot more blogging once we wrap up our “town life” and cast off to start cruising in a few days.  In the meantime we’ve been flightseeing around Petersburg, the Le Conte glacier, and the Stikine River valley, and now we’re in the midst of the Little Norway Festival in Petersburg.  Vikings and Valkyries are running amok around town, and I had to bribe these Valkyries to keep them from dragging Jim off to the Viking Jail!jim and valkyriesDespite the sunny, warm weather people are wearing their Dale of Norway sweaters, and bunad (traditional Norwegian costumes)… herring throwing skill was hotly contested, and everyone is enjoying dancing and eating yummy buttery Norwegian baked goods.  There’s lots to report, but not until it’s all over and we have a chance to catch our breath.  Stay tuned for much more from Little Norway…

2 thoughts on “The Vikings are Here!

  1. Hello, I’m a 48 year old male and live in the finger lakes region of NY state. I happened upon your page quite coincidentally. I ended up reading every word and your pictures are amazing. A true breath of fresh air, seriously. Thank you both for the very enjoyable feel at home site you have built. I wish all the best for both of you, your friends, neighbors and your beautiful town. Take care and thank you again, Carl.

  2. Have a great summer of cruising, keep us posted thru your blogs! The #100 party went great, glad it’s over! Fly back to the boat tmw., move it to Port Townsend Wed., haul out on the 26th.

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